karate suit

  •  The SIALKOTS karate Gi is made of a unique 9.5 oz premium 100% cotton fiber, engineered to feel light but look heavy. Air cooling in gussets reinforced stitching in seams, hems, and strings. Durable white color.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT COMFORT. 9.5 oz [385 gsm] silky smooth, breathable 100% natural (non-polyester) cotton. Air ventilation in both jacket & pants.
  • 360° MOBILITY FREEDOM. The SIALKOTS karate Gi provides full unrestricted range of movement in all planes of motion, for low stances and high kicks.
  • SNAPPY. Lightweight and breathability for kumite and everyday training yet has enough weight and snap for kata. 3x thickness in sleeve cuffs for a snap.
  • The SIALKOTS karate Giwas developed, designed and refined in SIALKOT PAKISTAN.

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